Rusian Naked Protest

Naked rusian protest, wow this is so amazing..!

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Ngintip Celana Dalam Artis Indonesia Full Gallery 26 Pictures

Ngintip celana dalam artis Indonesia ? Masa sih dibilang ngintip celana dalam, padahalkan kita nggak ngintip nih ngeliat celana dalam cewek-cewek ini. Kita kan ngelihat cd artis-srtis ini di tempat umum, jadi nggakbisa dibilang ngintip celana dalam artis Indonesia dong. Yang benar sih kita nggak sengaja ngeliat celana dalam artis Indonesia. Lagian si artis yang keliatan celana dalamnya kan artis-srtis yang gemar atau sedang memakai rok pendek jadi wajar donk kalau ada moment celana dalam artis ini keliatan. Tul nggak bro. Yang jelas si artis senang memakai rok pendek, kalian juga senang melihat rok pendek beserta isinya. Kalau gue, cuman senang ngeblog aja nggak lebih. Tapi ngomong-ngomong gue juga laki-laki normal jadi nggak nolak kalau suruh ngeliat celana dalam artis Indonesia tapi kalu di suruh ngintip nanti dulu ! Bisa benjol. Cari aja yang sukarela !!!

berbagai sumber

Ada juga videonya silahkan DOWNLOAD di  sini !

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Elly Tran Ha Sexy Pictures Gallery Full Edition

Elly Tran Ha, Elly Tran Ha, Elly Tran Ha dan Elly Tran Ha, nama itu yang selalumuncul di dunia maya. Bisa dikatakan model ini adalah model Asia yang paling sering mncul di dunia maya. Bahkan ratusan bahkan ribuan facebook foto profil memakai foto dirinya.lantas apa kelebihan sosok Elly Tran Ha ini ? Yang jelas wajahnya yang mewakili wajah abg atau remaja memang tidak jemu untuk di lihat. Posenya yang tidak seperti modl profesional justru merupakan daya tarik sendiri. Pose-posenya menampilkan pose-pose remaja pada umumnya. Senyumannya tentu tidak bisa dilupakan. Hanya itu saja ? Tentu tidak. Dari segi sex apeal Elly Tran Ha pun memiliki daya tarik dari ukuran payudaranya yang di atas rata-rata gadis asia. Oleh karena itu pula walaupun Elly Tran Ha ini adalah seorang model remaja biasa namun fotonya juga sering dipajang di situs-situs dewasa alias porno. Mungkin dia termasuk satu-satunya model yang sering dipajang di situs porno tanpa harus tampil telanjang. Sexy tidak harus tampil telanjang atau vulgar, itu dibuktikan oleh Elly Tran Ha









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Pauleen Luna Pictures Gallery

Pauleen Luna who was born November 10, 1988 in Manila, Philippines, is a Filipina actress and television personality. She is one of the hosts in the Philippine television program Eat Bulaga! and is well known as Baby Poleng. She appears in several GMA Network programs.

Luna started her showbiz career when she joined in the Little Miss Philippines contest of Eat Bulaga! in 1995.  She then started acting at the age of 13 and becoming a member of ABS CBN’s Star Circle Batch 11 before transferring to GMA Network.

Her biggest break came when she got the role of Odessa in the second of Encantadia trilogy called Etheria.

In 2006, she ranked #9 in the FHM-Philippines list of the sexiest women and was featured in the cover of the December 2006 issue of UNO Magazine.

She is set to play an important role on the second Koreanovela adaptation in the Philippines, Ako si Kim Samsoon. She recently included in Luna Mystika opposite Heart Evangelista.

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Sexy Katrina Halili Picture

Katrina Halili, whose real name is Maria Irene Pe Halili, and was born on 04 January 1986, is a Filipina (Pinay) actress, commercial model, and music producer.

Katrina became popular for her roles in telenovelas (television soap operas) which included Darna, Majika, Marimar, One Night Only, Gagambino and Magdusa ka.

She became embroiled into a controversy in May 2009 when her sex video with Dr. Hayden Kho hit the Internet. According to her, the sex video was published without her consent. She filed legal actions against Dr. Kho whose medical license was subsequently suspended by the Professional Regulations Commission.

Katrina Halili is a most sought-after model for sexy magazines. She was twice hailed as The Sexiest Woman Alive on FHM.

Katrina Halili
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Thai School Girls Hot Pictures

Thailand School Girls Hot Pictures, they are so beautiful and hot. What do you think ?

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What not to Wear in Thailand

By Richard Barrow

The latest scandal rocking the Thai establishment involves 22 year old actress Chotiros Suriyawong. She hit the headlines when she recently attended the Thai version of the Oscars in a very revealing dress. She later said that her intention was to get some media attention but she got far more than she bargained for. Her pictures have been plastered all over the Thai media. Consequences of her actions include a sentence of community service passed down by her university. A film producer also announced that he would delete all of her scenes in an upcoming movie.

Now this story has spread around the world with the international press now weighing in on the issue. The photos we posted on our sister site received a record 7,000 hits in just one day. But it is the hypocrisy of the situation, which is puzzling foreign editors. After all, Thailand is world renown for its sex industry and the coyote style dancers who perform in public during festivals. But, I have been here long enough now to have an understanding of what the controversy is all about.

If you have ever visited any of the royal temples in Thailand then you would know that there is a strict dress code. Shorts, singlets and flip flops are not allowed. At the beach, the dress code is almost Victorian. Most Thais are shocked by the men walking around at the top of the beach or in shops wearing only a speedo. There is also the same reaction for the European ladies who go swimming or sunbathe topless. For Thai people, they prefer to go swimming in all their clothes. This is partly due to their aversion to getting a tan, but it is more to do with their level of self-decency.

The rules about dress code also goes for all government institutions such as district offices and courthouses. Even at schools they are very strict about visitors. At our school we have had dozens of tourists visit us over the years. However, if they are wearing shorts or sleeveless shirts then I am not allowed to show them around. But, these rules are not just aimed at foreign tourists. It is also aimed at educating the Thai population on how to dress properly.

I remember the first time I came to Thailand and being shocked to see children in the local 7-Eleven wearing their pajamas! Then a bit later being bowled over by the site of a woman wearing her pajamas in a local supermarket. Of course, these days I am not so shocked by this seemingly level of hypocrisy. These are local people going about their ordinary daily lives. It doesn’t really matter what they wear as long as they are wearing enough clothing for the situation.

Although Chotiros Suriyawong wasn’t at a university event, she should have realized that her position as a celebrity (though a minor one at the time) made her an ambassador for her university. A kind of role model for her younger fellow students. The same goes for teachers at schools. It is important for us to dress and act properly both inside and outside of school. I don’t wear shorts around the local community and local shops. The administration also tells me to inform our new foreign teachers on how to dress while outside of the school. Of course, to them, they see it as an invasion of their privacy. But, like Chotiros Suriyawong, we too are minor celebrities and we should feel obliged to try and uphold Thai ethics and the Thai sense of decency. If we have to set a good example then surely she can make the effort too. After all, who is more Thai here ?

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