Stir in U.S. photographic series about sexy mother and daughter

Stir in U.S. photographic series about sexy mother and daughter

In puritan America controversy created over a series of photographs of a mother with her ​​daughter in lingerie. The photos were taken for an ad campaign for lingerie brand The Lake And Stars (L & A). Mother and 19-year-old daughter hugging each other in a sensual way by the Americans.

Maayan Zilberman, designer of the lingerie brand sees it all differently: “A lot of themes that have inspired us to do with the psychology of adolescent women, their relationship with their family and their work,” she says in The Huffington Post. “We do not want to shock, but these subjects, which is rarely talked about, expose and discussion of older and younger generations stir. Ideal would be if people would wonder who the photo is the sexiest. “

U.S. only
“Call us crazy, but, but this is the way mothers and daughters in conversation with it? ‘Reads the comments on the Internet. “No this is another attempt by the fashion world to shock and surprise. Excuse us, but we do take a nap. “Another comment reads: “Only in the U.S. they are busy about something.”

L & S is a small brand that something should come up for attention, no one else knows it exists. Mission is successful. The two women are not professional models, but the New York neighbors of the owner of the company.

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