Nosebleed Gate & Nosebleed Brother

Nosebleed Gate & Nosebleed Brother


This year’s 2009 Internet Investment and Trade Fair was indeed different from usual. What more, what was inconceivable was that the girls were actually unafraid of the cold, still wearing the least possible. Honestly speaking, appreciating half-naked girls in the winter is definitely more stimulating that in the summer. In winter, we are accustomed to seeing women on the streets wearing lots of clothes, with the most exciting thing being one wearing an extremely short skirt, yet disappointingly with stockings underneath [covering the skin]. Me saying all this nonsense is only to build up to one specific topic: I solemnly declare, that the feat of the brother below is definitely forgivable! Accustomed to seeing women wearing so much and then suddenly a half-naked young girl appears, especially one that is absolutely stunning — if one does not have a nosebleed, is he still a hot-blooded young man?!?! The photographs below were taken by me, and everyone is welcome to spread them, but after reposting them, you must leave a comment. Also, please censor/mosiac Nosebleed Brother’s face…I like to share, but I don’t want to suddenly discover that my bicycle tire’s air has been let out and not know why! I am serious, please! … heh heh…

The reason [for all of this] is that there are many sexy beauties in the Internet Investment and Trade Fair. This one is wearing relatively a lot. She’s one that I saw early in the morning, dancing very wildly in the front. How do you feel? Take your time reading on…


Er…I did get a picture of a pretty girl.


Don’t be impatient, first finish appreciating the pretty girls, we’ll get to the main topic immediately. It is really easy to see the underwear with these, but my dirtiness is not strong enough [to try to take pictures from a low angle to capture the underwear], so in the end I simply changed my position, going behind them to see what I could photograph…


Different scenery, I like, could I be BT?


Like me, this guy here at this time has decided that he wants to take a picture of all of them… Note, pay attention to his nose area.


There it comes down, and if you cannot see, I suggest you go see an optometrist. Nosebleed Brother…er, inspiration hits, I’ve created a new name/internet meme! I really admire him.



An envious scene occurs, how come I didn’t think of this!!! Had I known, I would’ve had a nosebleed too, the MM has been moved by the nosebleed…where did she get the tissue? Hey, I didn’t get a photo of that. Readers, please guess…


Bleed blessedly, bleed, it is not a crime. Could the tissue have come from where she is touching herself…wow, she is even more impressive than Nosebleed Brother. I have discovered yet another big secret of showgirls…(awaiting confirmation)


Apparently it is not an ordinary piece of tissue either! Nosebleed Brother really likes it.


And he sniffs it…reminiscing…


Realizing that people are photographing him…he runs…probably towards the restroom, Nosebleed Brother is very frightened…but what should’ve been captured has already been captured, any more and it would not be suitable for young girls to see…er…

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