Man Who Saved Woman From Rape Accused of Being a Peeping Tom

Man Who Saved Woman From Rape Accused of Being a Peeping Tom

Police subduing and arresting a man in black who had attacked, tied up, robbed, and almost raped a young Chinese woman in her home.Man in black clothes arrested.

From Nanfang Daily, Sina:

Woman renting out home is robbed and sexually assaulted, rescuer suspected of being a Peeping Tom

November 3rd, living on the top floor of a residential apartment building of a residential community on Yayi Street in Guangzhou’s Tianhe District, Zeng Li made posted on the internet an advertisement to sublet her apartment, never thinking the prospective tenant would be a robber, who after hurting her and robbing her money would also try to rape her.

As luck would have it, the window the robber closed attracted the attention of neighboring Xiao Huang and afterwards the Tianhe Police appeared on the scene to arrest the robber.

A young Chinese woman who was attacked, tied up, robbed, and almost raped in her home in Guangzhou.Woman rescued.


Neighbor climbed onto the roof and discovered the situation through an air vent

Witness Xiao Huang lives on the other side of the building #9. Xiao Huang said that around 8pm on that night, he went to look after the pigeons on the roof, but as he was on the stairs discovered that the open window of the apartment for rent where the incident occurred near the passageway was unexpectedly closed, “Normally it is always open, so this made me suspicious.”

Xiao Huang says he also heard the noise of things being overturned, so he decided to go see what was going on. He climbed over the 1.5 meter high wall in the middle of the passageway, climbed the stairs, and arrived at the roof garden. The light in the apartment where the incident occurred was on, and through the gap in the ventilation fan blades in the vent, Xiao Huang saw the situation in the apartment.

“She was tied to the bed, and there was blood all over the floor,” Xiao Huang said. He was startled, and did not call the police immediately but rather found Xiao Chen, another resident that lived on the other side of building #9.

Xiao Huang said that after urging Xiao Chen to call the police, he went downstairs to notify the residential community’s security. In order to prevent the man in black [the robber] from getting away, 3 security guards were placed at building #9. The police then arrived at the scene.

A young Chinese woman who was attacked, tied up, robbed, and almost raped in her home in Guangzhou.Bloodstains on the bed.


Rescuer suspected of being a Peeping Tom

After word of Xiao Huang reporting the robber to police spread, many netizens felt the matter of Xiao Huang calling the police being somewhat strange: First, why didn’t Xiao Huang immediately call the police when he discovered what was happening, but instead had someone else call the police; Second, why was he so sensitive to whether or not Zeng Li’s apartment window was open or closed, even climbing over a 1.5 meter tall wall to then climb up to the building roof to see the incident through an air vent? Was this a result of long-term habitual peeping?

According to a female in the residential community who isn’t willing to give her name but is familiar with the incident, she too is a resident of that building, as well as an employee of a nearby gym/health club. Several months ago, when Zeng Li went to the gym to apply for a membership card, the two of them met and got to know each other. Because they lived close to each other, Zeng Li also often goes over to her place to visit.

This female familiar with the incident told this reporter that Zeng Li told her not just once that she had been spied on by a male while bathing at night. Zeng Li also told this reporter that this person familiar with the incident has said before that she’s seen Xiao Huang at the air vent peeping on Zeng Li’s room. However, she says she can’t actually be sure Xiao Huang is the Peeping Tom.

With regards to being suspected of being a Peeping Tom, Xiao Huang denies it, even saying that being wrongly accused of being a Peeping Tom “is very hurtful”. As to to why he coincidentally encountered this case, he says it is in fact because his own work requires him to pay attention to details.

Blood all over the floor.Blood all over the floor.

地上满是鲜血。Blood all over the floor.

The perpetrator who attacked, robbed, and planned to rape a woman in her home is subdued on the scene by police.The man in black clothes arrested.

The woman being rescued.

The young woman with gauze wrapped around her wrists, injured from being tied up by her assailant.Injured hands.

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