Girls Publicly Undress & Change Clothes on Shanghai Metro

A young Chinese girl changing clothes on the Shanghai subway.A beautiful Chinese girl in her underwear in front of male Shanghai Metro passengers.A slim Chinese girl changing outfits in front of male passengers on the Shanghai Metro.

From ifeng:

Girl changing clothes in public on subway train car spreads online

August 22nd report: “A beautiful girl changed clothes on Shanghai’s Line 2 Metro! When did Shanghainese girls become this uninhibited?” This morning, a netizen created a stir saying that there was a girl on the Line 2 Metro changing clothes inside the train car and uploaded the photos onto the internet, soon attracted widespread comment: One person said she “is late for work”, others believed “its probably an internet stunt, [she’s] desperate for fame”, and yet others pointed out the clothes she changed into look like a “uniform” used for cosplay and as a result “very likely a publicity stunt”.

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