Angelica Panganiban New Naked Photo Scandal

“Rubi” star Angelica Panganiban has an all-new alleged photo scandal to face when she comes back from South Africa.

Angelica and boyfriend Derek Ramsay are enjoying the action in the FIFA World Cup 2010, but definitely, she’s not gonna enjoy this new alleged naked photo scandal of hers.

Take a look at the said picture, which was traced coming from Asia Lala site (Sorry, I have to put a smiley on the sensitive part):

Angelica Panganiban new photo scandal

What do you think? Is it really Angelica Panganiban?

Probably, whoever that girl is, it’s either she’s just fixing herself for work or it could be that she just had a sensational workout on bed.

Last March, Angelica and Derek had this “dukot scandal”. Derek confirmed it but Angelica did not confirm nor deny.

And for this new one, if it’s really her, is she gonna be silent again? But if it’s not really Angelica, for sure she’ll just laugh at it the “Rubi” way.

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