Su Zizi student of Renmin University of China poses nude to pay tuition fees

Su Zizi (苏紫紫), a student at Renmin University of China, stripped and dunked herself in ice-cold water after giving naked interviews.

She has become the latest Chinese Internet sensation.

On January 6, as part of her body art photo collection, she jumped into a big fish tank in a Beijing market, filled with ice-cold water to “experience the awful feeling of icy suffocation.”

  She does not swim.

The 19-year-old student also stripped naked for two-minute interviews with reporters.

   “Reporters represent the eyes of the public. If I can face you in a composed and comfortable manner, then I can do the same to the public,” she told journalists who wanted to cover the story.

A male reporter from Fazhi Evening News (法制晚报) said it was the most uncomfortable interview he had ever taken.

Sensing his embarrassment, Zizi took the initiative, asking the reporter how he felt facing her naked body.

“This is just work as I have to eat,” the student said of her part-time job.

She charges 3,500 yuan (US$530) for a day’s shooting.

Artist Yang Linchuan (杨林川), head of Zhongshan School of Arts and Science in Nanjing, supports Zizi, saying she is working for her school, dreams and art. 

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Satu Balasan ke Su Zizi student of Renmin University of China poses nude to pay tuition fees

  1. tb berkata:

    whuaaa…nice reporter. tell me if that reporter have the same job yup…

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