Noida MMS Scandal Of MBA Student Video & Photos

Recently comeing Anurag Kashyap movie Dev D inspire the students
for sex Scandal. Simmilar this way there is the Noida MMS Scandal is
get inspiration from this Dev D Movie.

Noida MMS Scandal

Noida MMS Scandal

In this MMS there is the MBA student of 23 year old from B-school in Noida
did a full striptease on camera for her boyfriend. This mms video leaked not only
in institute but also in India via E-mail.

A female voice calls on it to throw on clothes, and oath in Hindi. In another multimedia
file, probably a student from APJ School in North Delhi, peel off clothes as her boyfriend
watches appreciatively. After much cajoling he seductively drops the last item of clothing.
The sequence, lasting two minutes, all the rage among mobile phone users in Delhi.

Noida MMS Scandal
They are among the many students and MMS sex clippings that are in great demand among
the mobile clients as a result of the Delhi Public School MMS scandal.

The girl apparently told B-school, that her boyfriend betrayed her trust by filming her private
moments with a hidden camera, always in his e-mail, because he knew his password, and
then send the video to almost all of its contact list.

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