5 tips to picking up Japanese Woman

Being a foreigner in a new country can be very difficult as it is and not knowing anyone can sometimes be worse. Her are 5 tips for visitors or expats in japan that would like to make some friends.

1. Do not be Aggressive. – It is traditional in Japan to inherently by shy around foreigners. The Japan’s followed a strict and ridged code of social traditions that have been passed down for generations. The social traditions in japan are based on respect, honor, pride, and above all family. Trying to get a Japanese person to like you is difficult and pursuing them when they already don’t will not work. Don’t go asking for phone numbers the first time you meet and make sure that you allow room for them to grow on you.

2. Don’t Talk about Anime/Manga – although you are in the land of the magical anima be aware that most of the population does not follow anima or even like it. There are groups in Japan that are available that you can probably join that are referred to as “Otaka” someone who is really into this type of media. So refrain from talking about it to most Japanese people they may end up thinking you’re a creep.

3. Don’t Try to be Japanese – When you are visiting japan or living there you are going to want to absorb there culture and talk a lot about it to other Japanese people. Well they will pretend to be impressed but underneath they really don’t care about it coming forma a foreigner. They are more attracted to the foreigner that does not forget his own roots and does not try to become Japanese. So knowing everything about Japanese pop singers or Japanese history will only turn them off. Don’t be a-wanna-be ninja and I think you will get along just fine.

4. Have a Purpose for the Friendship – Japanese people are very driven to have a purpose in there friendships. If you are making friends with a Japanese person that is trying to learn English or about American culture then you can help each other by getting information from each other. This type of friendship that there is a mutual benefit and not just trying to get laid will have a better outcome then if you are looking for that. However, going after Japanese just because you are “interested in their culture” doesn’t really sit well with Japanese people.so have something in common with the people you are looking for and you will find there are rich relationships to be made.

5. Find Japanese who are Internationally Minded – With japan being one of the few countries on the world stage they really tend to keep to themselves most of the time. Many prefer to buy Japanese made goods and products in their daily lives. A lot desire to be married and have Japanese spouses or friends. But, times are a changing here in that respect and would like to be able to travel more or become expats themselves. So a lot of Japanese woman are actually going for foreign men as long as they don’t make an ass out of themselves. They want to learn English and travel for business and are very outgoing in the Japanese culture and sort of out of the norm. Thus, these types of Japanese may be overly flirty, goofy, or crazy… but at least they are interested in you !

source : hubpages.com/hub/5-tips-to-picking-up-Japanese-Woman

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