Osama Ben Laden, Brave Man of The Decade

Why the rich man leave his money for living in  his coverture. What for ?

I don’t want to talk about that but now we know that there is a lot of  injustice of our world. US double standard politic make our world begin to worst. We don’t like terrorism but we don’t like injustice world politic too. Palestina-Israel  is one of important problem for our world stability. Israel is the last imperialist in modern world that peoples believe in democracy. The US subjective politic that support Israel imperialism politic is unreasonable. US breakin’ their own democracy. Everybody know that terorism is a reaction. The world is not belong to US, UK, French, Rusia, and China (the big four with veto power in United Nation). This is one of our world injustice. The world is belongs to 6 billion peoples. Ashamed of that.


Man with the brave heart

” No injustice world politic, No terrorism ” , Democracy in nothing without world justice, stop Israel imperialism and the world will we better. We all love peace…!

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