‘Chinese Teen Girl Beaten and Raped’ Video Sparks National Shock

The Chinese web is astir with the news of a video showing a 17-year-old girl being repeatedly beaten by a group of girls and raped by four boys. A year after the actual events, a daily Chinese newspaper relates the story.

According to the locals, this video showed up in February after the Lunar New Year. Previously to being posted on the Internet, people were already circulating it by mobile phones. They said that the characters in the video spoke the Kaiping (开平) dialect (Guangdong province) and one of the perpetrators wore a school uniform similar to that for a Kaiping school.

According to a source, the incident took place in mid-July 2007. The victim was a 17-year old girl. The suspects were 7 girls and 4 boys. Some of the girls attended the same school as the victim. The seven girls formed the “Seven Sisters.” Because the victim had said something about them, they found her at an Internet bar, dragged her out, stripped her and assaulted her. They took the girl to a hotel and called four boys to gang-rape her. During the rape, the girls held the victim down. Afterwards, the girls continued to assault and abuse the victim, including forcing her to slap herself and toe the line. One of the perpetrators recorded the happenings on camphone and shared it among friends. This video would be distributed onto the Internet. Based upon this video, the police arrested the four boys and as well as some of the girls.
source : http://www.asianoffbeat.com

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