Hollie Dunaway, The Tretty Boxer

Hollie “Hot Stuff” Dunaway gives new meaning to the term “knockout”. Super sexy and gracefully gorgeous, this vivacious vixen moves around the boxing ring with style and lands devastating punches that have led her to four World Championships. When this Arkansas native is not sparring with another lady, she spends time modeling and appeared in the June 2010 “BadAss” issue of Penthouse magazine. A pretty face, hot body and fists of feminine fury… what more could you ask for?nicely. Personally I think she should be allowed to compete, but apparently the Amateur Boxing Association in Sarah’s native Great Britain feels there is a health risk. (Though she is not officially a boxer, I still included her in the poll below anyway just because I like her. Since she cannot box, maybe she can come wrestle with me sometime!)

soutce : hubpages.com

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