Japanese Swimwear, Sexy or Weird

Its almost summer? So its that time of year when you get out swimwear which hasn’t seen the light of day for roughly 11 months.

This apparently is Japanese Swimwear, which in my mind looks fairly painful and also fairly tight – kinda like a Speedo variant that has gone horribly wrong. A Product which will instantaneously repel any form of female interaction and will not make your ‘package’ appear bigger.

On the other hand I cannot simply dismiss this appalling piece of Swimwear as Japan’s ability to produce ‘quality goods – every time’

After a quick Google search for the Phrase ‘Japanese Swimwear’ this kinda interesting photo came up.

Now there are other photos under the term ‘Japanese Swimwear’, but In putting them on my blog it might scare you as to how Random the actual Swimsuits Japanese women are.

In all this is a hearty recommendation not to try any form of Japanese Swimwear – you will not look good.


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