In China: 8-kg breasts weighing down 16-year-old girl

Chinese Girl with 8 kg breasts

Xiaowei, a 16-year-old girl, used to be a happy and vivacious junior school student. Unfortunately, everything has been  changed since she got macromastia, a rare condition where both breast grow to an abnormally large size. She became sensitive and antisocial.

Xiaowei found something wrong with her breasts in July 2009. However, she kept it secret until September 2009 when her elder sister found that Xiaowei’s breasts sagged to her bellybutton. The 8-kilogram breasts have made the thin girl exhausted.

The reports on this unfortunate girl covered by various media have caught Chinese society’s attention. (海南省) Hainan Women & Infants Hospital decided to give Xiaowei free treatment.

A surgery to reduce her breast size will be conducted on Aug. 4. If it is successful, Xiaowei will return to a normal life soon. contributes to this story.

bron: [3-8-2010]

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