>A woman has stripped off naked in front of dozens of people having breakfast

>Witnesses said the woman took off all her clothes after she and another woman had a full-on fist fight over a man yesterday.

“That was just a shocker,’ eyewitness Fernando Dentes, 34, said. “People were trying to eat…”

Police said a 39-year-old woman had to be picked up from the median strip on Dick Ward Drive after she bared all in front of the Cool Spot Cafe in Fannie Bay.

The patrons were reportedly unimpressed. Children were rushed inside the venue and police were called to escort the naked woman away.

The woman was lying naked on the ground smoking a cigarette in full view of customers at the restaurant.

Three uniformed officers, in a paddy wagon and a sedan, arrived at the scene before giving the woman an on-the-spot fine and taking her to her home to Moulden, in Palmerston.

It is unclear whether she was drunk.

Mr Dentes, who was the shift manager at the restaurant at the time, said that staff had alerted police after customers complained about the striptease.

He said he saw two women arguing near the Cool Spot entrance before one of them was pushed to the ground.

“The two ladies were arguing about the fella they were there with,” he said. “It was pretty verbal.

“One had the other on the ground,” he said.

“She was pretty much just defending herself and then she was lifting up her shirt and showing her breasts.

“She took off her clothes and then she walked to the median strip lid a cigarette and laid down.

“The customers weren’t terribly impressed. They were more concerned for the kids. They rushed them inside.”

Mr Dentes said it was not the first time police were called to near the restaurant to resolve a disturbance.

“We do get incidents occasionally but not something like this,” he said.

src : http://www.ntnews.com.au

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