>Scandal video girl Shoushou freaking out in a live TV show..

>Scandal video girl Shoushou in a live TV show (Shoushou (兽兽) / ZhaiLing (翟凌) / Iris Yang)

Shoushou, a 23 year-old Chinese model was involved in a sex video scandal earlier this year. A few days ago, she was interviewed by a TV talk show “Lady Gua Gua,” because the hostess kept asking her about the scandal, the show was stopped a few times by Shousshou’s agent, but the hostess did not stop and continued to press on her interrogation, at the end Shoushou could not stand it anymore and left the show. The video of her freak out was widely spread on Sina Weibo. Most Chinese netizens showed sympathy to Shoushou and criticized the hostess on her unprofessional questions and behaviors.

China No. 1 Car Model Shou Shou Video 兽兽

Shou Shou (Zhai Ling) was born in 1987 August is a 177 cm tall Chinese model, here modeling for the Beijing New Silk Road Modeling Company. Her beauty and slim and tall physique made her a regular model at major auto car shows. Since the 2008 Beijing Auto Show, the pretty girl Shou Shou was declared by the Chinese netizens as the China’s Number 1 car model. She was also a famous soccer model.

The story that broke told of how the videography made by her ex-boyfriend and herself in 2007 has been leaked to the public after she broke up with the possessive Chinese guy. (兽兽(翟凌)中国第一美女车模)

Shou Shou stated on her website on 14 January 2010 that she reserves the right to take legal actions against any parties who defame her in this incident. She also humbly stated that she is just an ordinary model who did not deserve such unnecessary media attention.

Many China’s netizens criticised her for being naive to be part of the video project and expressed their concern that the incident will become a negative role model for China’s impressionable youngsters.

Some people also alleged that Shou Shou went for plastic surgery, which improved her looks, and thus her marketability as a model. Photos of her alleged plastic surgery before-and-after photos can be seen here.

bron: http://www.wayangtimes.com [25-2-2008]
src : wocview.wordpress.com
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