>Hefei naked female tries to commit suicide by jumping from a building


Firemen try to reach a naked woman crouching on a ledge under an 11th floor window as she attempts to commit suicide at an apartment block in Hefei (合肥), Anhui Province (安徽), yesterday. The woman, who suffers from mental disorder and who had been quarrelling with her husband, later jumped from the ledge but landed on an air cushion positioned by firefighters and survived. 
On August 9, 2010 the morning, the Hefei Shitai Road New China School spring the plot 23 11 buildings, a female spirit absent minded, in throws family’s in daily necessities after 11th the floor goes downstairs, from the bedroom flutters the window to turn crawls to slit with the downstairs window’s, often makes the dangerous play, continues for 5 hours. 11.11 points little, the fireman implements the relief operations key one step. Afterward the rescue workers escort to it the Hefei four courtyards (psychotherapy center) to accept the treatment.

It is reported that female’s colleague introduced that this female jumped from an upper story does not have what reason, was only the spirit is not too good.
src : wocview.wordpress.com
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