>Hundreds of naked women arrested…


Some 600 liberian refugees who have refused to stop their protests have been arrested by the Ghana police. They are demanding to be resettled in the United States as well as an amount of US$1000 instead of US$100 from the UN refugee agency HCR.
“$100 is not anything you can start life with. We are all lost,” said a liberian refugee.
Hundreds of women held naked roadside protests on Monday to express their unwillingness to integrate into the Ghanaian society.
The police rounded up the protesters before sending them to a vocational centre about 50 kilometres away from the capital in ten buses, according to witnesses. Interior Minister Kwamena Bartels denied it was forced repatriation.
“When women strip themselves naked and stand by a major highway, that is not a peaceful demonstration,” Mr.. Bartels said in an interview with BBC.
Last week, the Ghanaian government asked the Liberian refugees to abide by the laws of the country by channeling their grievances through appropriate relevant authorities for redress.
Kwamena Bartels said in a statement that they should not overstretch the goodwill and protection the government and people of Ghana has accorded them over the past 18 years, also stating that the demonstration is in breach of the Public Order Act of 1994  and urged them to comport themselves.
Some protesters forced the closure of all the schools on the refugee camp while blocking the distribution of aid materials to children, sick people and older persons.
Some 27,000 Liberians are in Ghana after years of conflict at home.

src : http://www.afrik-news.com

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