>Women’s rugby team aims to get more female players with nude calendar


It’s no secret that women’s rugby is not exactly viewed as a glamorous sport. Perhaps you could even go as far as saying the the women who play are a bit brutish, maybe even masculine.
For that very reason, the Old Boys University women’s rugby team in New Zealand aimed to attract a different crowd–girlie girls. And they did it in the most straightforward way possible…with naked boobs and butts.

With All Blacks Conrad Smith, Ma’a Nonu and Alama Ieremia among the sponsors, the calendar was intended to attract women to play rugby, by highlighting its feminine side, Miss March Bekki Abernethy told NZPA.
Every season her side had struggled to attract numbers, as female rugby players were often branded as masculine and unfeminine, which discouraged many women from taking it up.
“Our calendar rails against this myth,” Abernethy said.
“I’m blonde, I’m not exactly a big rugby player. I’m a girl doing her thing, we’re all normal girls, that’s what we were trying to portray.”
Abernethy had thought the calendar a great idea, until she found herself bouncing starkers on a backyard trampoline, clutching a rugby ball and bits of her body she didn’t care to share with the world.

After viewing that picture of Miss March, Bekki Abernethy, I can honestly say I have a new found appreciation for women’s rugby. Think about it this way, the sport is a female wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. Ok, maybe it’s not as sexy as say, lingerie football, but who are any of us to complain. In fact, let thee who complains about a naked woman’s body cast the first stone.
Yea, I thought so.

women rugby1 Womens rugby team aims to get more female players with nude calendar  src : http://www.cronicasportiva.ro/

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