>Crowd Shocked by Naked Chinese Young Woman

>SHENZHEN, CHINA – A young woman shocked bystanders by walking around naked on a busy street in Shenzhen.
The entire episode was documented a in a seven-minute video clip on a local forum..

The video shows some women trying to cover her with clothes, but the woman brazenly pulls them off. She even tries to hit the people who wanted to help her.
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She then throws the clothes away and continues her streaking. A passerby is overheard saying: “She’s taken off the clothes again. She can’t be helped.”

The woman walked the street naked for 40 minutes, said an eye-witness.
People in the video can be heard discussing what might have caused her to act like this. Some remarked that she may be using drugs.
The woman is later seen in a clothes shop, fully dressed. Bystanders said that she willingly dressed herself.
An elderly woman approaches her and tries to talk to her, but she appears reluctant to respond and keeps looking away.

Some tried to cover her with clothes, but she stripped them off and flung them away before running across the road

The elderly woman later told a news reporter that she could not coax the younger woman to say much. She said the woman did not want to go home, and also refused the older woman’s offer of going to her house.
The elderly woman also said that she was the one who paid for the dress the woman wore.
Police arrived at the clothes shop and escorted the woman into a waiting police car.
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