>Weird….???!! Naked Woman Knocks on Door, Asks for Cigarettes…


 Monica Wood Mug Shot

 Haven’t we all had lost weekends that came to an abrupt end at a police station? Indeed, the flash of the camera taking your booking photo is the ultimate buzz-kill…
OK, maybe you haven’t gone that far. And as far as my father-in-law knows, my record is clean. (Actually, it’s 100 percent clean. Really. Unless you count that one night in a lock-up in Spearman, Texas. But I was there voluntarily. I swear.)
I therefore extend my sympathies to Monica Wood. The 52-year-old woman from Florida was arrested over the weekend after allegedly knocking on a stranger’s door in the middle of the night to ask for cigarettes.
Police found her shortly after, wandering in a Clearwater trailer park wearing nothing but boxer shorts. And here she is, the newest inductee into the Weird News Mug Shot Hall of Shame..
src : weirdnews.about.com
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