>Kim Kardashian Poses Totally Naked in Unretouched Pictures…..

>In May’s Harper’s Bazaar, Kardashian, 29, poses totally nude — without airbrushing, the magazine claims — to encourage girls to “embrace your curves and who you are.

“I feel proud if young girls look up to me and say, ‘I’m curvy, and I’m proud of it now,'” Kardashian says.

She wasn’t always so proud of her body.
“I was wearing a C cup by the time I was 11. I would go to bed and pray, ‘Please, Lord, don’t let my boobs grow any bigger,'” Kardashian laments. “I hated what was happening.”
Now, she doesn’t “get why everyone is always going on about my butt.

“I’m Armenian. It’s normal,” she says. “My butt is probably not as big as you might think, because I have small legs and a small waist, which makes it appear bigger.”

src: http://www.usmagazine.com

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