>Taiwan Female Soldiers Indecent Photos Reach Mainland


From Tiexue:

December 15, the indecent self-photos of the Taiwan military is once again circulating on the internet, but this time the main characters are the female soldiers.  While receiving training at the logistics school in 2008 March, female Sergent Chen, attached to the Joint Logistics Section 5 Regional Support Command Transport Battalion, under the encouragement of her fellow soldiers, lifted up her uniform to reveal her pink bra “to take photos for posterity”.

Summarizing Taiwan media reports, this photo of a female soldier lifting up her camouflage shirt to reveal her pink bra appeared on the personal blog of a female officer recording her military life. Her outrageous behavior attracted a strong netizen response, with this also being the first example of outrageous photos coming out of the barracks since women have entered the military.



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