>Naked Skiing ! – Thats Embarrassing !!


Submitted By : Lindsay
I went skiing with my boyfriend and his friends last spring break. When we first arrived, it was teeny weenie bikini contest, and my boyfreind convinced me to praticipate. Chairlifts at newer ski resorts have a bar that comes down so u dont fall off. When we were aproaching the top, my boyfreind lifted the bar, which my bikini top got caught on. I tried to get it, but we had reached the top, and I fell down. As the chair lift went over me, i was trying to get up. It pushed me in the butt and I fell down. Not only that, but my bikini bottom got caught on it. The chair went back down, and here i was standing at the top of a mountain NAKED!

I skiied down to the bottom to get my bikini, and all over the mountain are photographers that take ur picture while ur skiing, u stop to get a number, and u can pick up ur picture later at the bottom of the mountain. I ran into a few of these guys and I couldnt cover very well while I was skiing. I get to the bottom where the chair lift attendants said the sent it up to the top. I had to wait in line, ride up to the top with a lot of people, and when I got to the top, the lift attendant told me no one brought it up.. Two kids were standing near by and said that they found it on there chair lift, but they threw it on the underwear tree (a big tree most ski resorts have on the side of a chair lift that people throw there underwear on.

I then had to find my boyfriend, get the car keys, ski to the bottom, have more pics taken, walk to the car, and drive back to the condo to get clothes.

I was so embarrassed! I think everyone got a pic of me! 

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