>Courtney Love Gets Naked, Gets Embarrassed, Gets the Hell Off Twitter ………..


She’s done it again, folks. Quit Twitter after making something of a fool of herself, that is.

But unlike her contemporaries who’ve bowed out of the social network citing artistic reasons, chronic oversharer Courtney Love proved herself to be the anti-John Mayer and huffed away from the microblog after accidentally posting a contorted,, nearly-nude photo of herself last week.

After all that time, you’d think she’d at least take the photo down before absconding from the Internet forever for now.

“I’m off twitter, that photo was meant for a boy friend,” Love wrote yesterday in what was ostensibly her final tweet from @CourtneyLoveUK.

(Ostensibly only because we’ve been down this path before…Love shut down two separate accounts in October 2009, vying never to return to the land of the 140-character musing, only to pop back up a few months later. With a bang.)

Incidentally, the account-severing photo doesn’t show much more than the set of topless, tattoo-baring poses she showed off earlier this year. Though those nip-slipping pics, apparently, passed her modesty test.

But good news, Courtney fans: Love hasn’t abandoned the online world completely, as her daily fashion blog, What Courtney Wore Today, is still up and running should you wish to keep up to date with her sartorial secrets. Or just see what she looks like with clothes on. Refreshing.

source : http://www.eonline.com

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