District Government Employees Caught Naked – An Indonesian District Government Scandal


The photographs of two beautiful women who take naked pictures with fun stir Empatlawang Regency, South Sumatra. Without wearing any clothes on his body, two female Labor Agreements (TKS) take nude pictures in the bathroom.
Previously, Pemkab Empatlawang ever found nude video played by TKS.

Circulation of photos that showed the body from head to foot without a thread covered it is known to occur about a month ago. Although its circulation remained hidden all this time, but some of these photos is starting to spread through the chain transfer to the mobile phone.

In addition to the ranks of employees, the circulation of photographs of two beautiful woman has already had a terrace known to the officials, so that became a byword in the environment Pemkab Empatlawang.

“Everywhere these images be the talk, because the two girls is their status in local government TKS Empatlawang. Yes, almost everyone already has a photograph of this now, before it just talks, but no proof,” said some employees within the Pemkab Empatlawang , on Wednesday (10/06/2010)

Information received Sripo, two beautiful girls doing naked action in a bathroom with floor and walls made of marble.

Two first photo is played by a girl with different poses. One of them, front-facing position with a little arm over the chest and around her thighs. Like people used to take pictures, this beautiful woman was a little smile.

Kapolsek Tebingtinggi, AKP Suparlan when confirmed, said he has not got a report circulating a photo of two naked girls. It would conduct an investigation first, who the actual perpetrators.

“We will conduct an investigation first, who photographed it and then just made the call for questioning. If indeed they are for personal collection, which spread first of all, could be prosecuted,” he said. Indonesia Today

source : indonesiathisday.blogspot.com
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