>World’s First Space Blogger…OMG


Now the craze of blogging has gone beyond the orbit of our planet, with the world’s very first space blogger, astronaut Maksim Suraev who is currently posting his day to day activities from space.

One of the interesting topics that, has made its way through space blogging is the cuisine being served to the cosmonauts. In a recent shipment of canned food from earth, which is the staple diet of the astronauts, the guys in space received two cans one stating, “Chicken with eggs” and the other depicted, “Omelet with chicken”. This created a sort of a confusion among the astronauts and further shed lights on the language barrier between the U.S and Russian space agencies, even after a long standing cooperation between the two.

The astronauts spend about two to three hours daily on exercises so as to stay in shape and maintain complete mobility in their limbs as floating in the zero gravity environment for a few minutes can relax the muscles considerably. Apart from the daily exercises, the astronauts also involve themselves in recreational activities such as writing diaries, poems and harvesting vital small crops such as lettuce and wheat.

source : world-happing.blogspot.com
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