>Shocking Entertainment


A TV game show in France revealed something very dark recently.

When given the chance, 81% of the participants in the “show” elected to “kill” a contestant with electricity. A fake – or should we say faux – game show was held with actors playing the victims. The participants giving the electric shocks, however, thought that the victims and the game were real. They could decide how much electricity to jolt the contestants. The majority kept jolting the “contestant” until he, an actor, pretended to die.

Of 80 players, 16 individuals walked out. Of the remaining 64 players, 51 “killed” the contestant. A player commented, “I was worried about the contestant. At the same time, I was afraid to spoil the program.”

There seems to be no end to what people will do when in the grips of the power of television. This “experiment” confirms the biblical notion of original sin. As God says in Genesis 8:21, “The intent of man’s heart is evil from his youth.”

Source: Yahoo News, 03/17/10

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