>Gossip Girl Star Taylor Momsen, 17, Goes Momentarily Topless During Her Concert


So much wrong with this story, so little time to make sense of it. Apparently, Taylor Momsen, an actress on the TV show “Gossip Girl” is also in a band and was performing at a New York club a few weeks ago when she decided to liberate her “girls” for a few seconds during a song called “Make Me Wanna Die” and the website Hollywood Life got video of it. Unfortunately, Ms. Momsen is only 17, so anyone who actually saw this live is probably breaking the law. Fortunately, the video of the event has been altered to make it Safe For Work, but you still have to wonder what Taylor–or her parents and managers–were thinking. .

The “Gossip Girl” star performed at New York club Don Hill’s on Oct. 21, and while singing “Make Me Wanna Die,” opted to pull down her shirt and flash and grope her strategically pastie’d bare chest.

Hollywood Life nabbed video of the stunt, and though you might think it might be the kind of thing to happen in a wild rocker moment, it was more of a subdued, calculated mini-flash..

Momsen was performing with her band Pretty Reckless at an event co-hosted by Paper Magazine and Express — and though this doesn’t technically qualify as nudity, it should be kept in mind that she’s still only 17. 

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