Italian football and naked women

You might ask what these two have in common, well in Italy, naked women seem to be everywhere for whatever reason and judging by 46 year old television actress Sabrina Ferilli’s affirmation that she will strip down naked (again) if her team, AS Roma, wins the Italian soccer championship, there seems to be a direct connection between the two, though, for the life of me, I can’t comprehend what it is. This has nothing to do with nakedness in itself; I am no prude, however, I tend to be a logical person and I just don’t understand what would provoke a grown woman to take off her clothes because her football team wins. I can understand partying all night long, diving into the Trevi Fountain, running through the streets screaming with joy….but stripping down naked? Where is the connection? What is it all about? And, although she is still a pretty lady, she is 46 years old. Think of the young male supporters of the Roma team, the 15, 20, 25 year olds….do they really want to see a women their mother’s age taking her clothes off? (except for a laugh and an elbow poke?) And what about the women and girls? Not only do they not care to see her running around naked, most of them are probably embarrassed (except for the older, silly women who are probably envious).  And the worst of it is, none of the other Italian women oppose Ferilli’s foolishness. On the contrary, there have been other female TV personalities women her age who plan on joining her. Yes, I know, the age thing bugs me. And these women have careers, some have children, on paper, they do not need to do this. What has triggered this regression in their minds?

The only reason I can think of for these women to act so foolishly is because they are just looking for any reason to take their clothes off and, sadly, they believe they have nothing else to offer. They say you can ‘get by on charm for 15 minutes, afterwards you better know something’. Well, these women have long past their 15 minutes and it’s obvious they have nothing else to say and they are hoping that their nakedness will distract the world from their vacuousness. It will probably work….for 15 more minutes.

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